Sulcata Tortoise Hatchlings

Sulcata Tortoise Hatchlings

Size: Sulcata Tortoises are the 3rd largest tortoise species in the world. They can reach up to 150 pounds. Not only do these tortoises grow very large, they grow very rapidly! So be prepared what you are getting into because this tortoise, will be your buddy for life! 


Enclosure:It's best to keep them in a safe and escape proof outdoor enclosure so they can get natural sunlight and grow in a naturalistic environment. 

    When hatchlings and if you keep them outdoors, make sure that no predators can get into their enclosure. If it is hot where you live, try to give them access to water so they can rehydrate themselves whenever they feel the need.


Food: These guys will eat... and eat... and eat... But it's not good if they eat too much! So you gotta make sure they eat just the right amount and you don't rush their growth. I'd recommend feeding them 3 times a week (handful each feeding). I would give them access to grass (if they are outdoors), or some alfalfa hay (if they are in doors) 24/7 just so they can have that main source of food whenever they want to eat.

   They should mainly eat grass/leaves. You should feed them things like fresh lettuce (mainly for hydration), greens such as collard, and kale.  Hibiscus Flowers/Leaves, dandelion is really good too. I would try to avoid feeding them lots of fruits because if you feed them too much fruit, it can mess up their appetite to a naturalistic diet and cause things like  their shell to pyramid. But it isn't bad to give them a little treat like a strawberry every once in a while!

My Hatchling Diet Reccomendation: ($ Cost next to nothing)

-Every day I would recommend giving them access to grass (if they are outside) or give them alfalfa/timothy hay to graze on through the day if you keep them indoors.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday.  (Handfull of food is what one should be fed each feeding)

   Monday - soak them in some warm but not hot water so they get hyderated and I would pick some safe natural weeds outside then  maybe like a small green.

   Wednesday - feed something natural like a dandelion, hibiscus flower, clovers, or even cut a small pice of spineless cactus off a cactus pad, I would throw in any greens like a pice of kale and/or collard. 

   Friday - any greens like kale, collard, maybe something natural like hibiscus flower, dandelion, clovers, or even cut out a small piece of spineless cactus for them.


Some tortoises like different things such as one would like collard over kale, so adjust based off what your tortoises likes/dislikes.
 (they generally don't eat something if they don't like it or it's just too much) 




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