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Baby Tortoise Availability

"What do you do with all those baby tortoises?"

I try to keep as many babies as I can but unfortunately I’m not able to keep every single one with the amount of babies they have. So after I make sure they’re 100% healthy and ready, I do let some go to new and good homes. I like to give them about a month so they can get used to a routine of eating, soaking/drinking, and basking under the sun. I also try to send them in pairs so they aren’t alone! But before you go out and buy a Sulcata tortoise or any tortoise in general, you need to be prepared for what you are getting yourself into. This species of tortoises gets very large and requires lots of space. They thrive in the sunny and dry conditions and can live up to 150 years! If you are educated and interested in rehoming one of my Sulcata tortoise hatchlings, you can sign up as a member on the top right of my website and you will receive future updates via email. If you scroll down to the bottom you will find attached videos showing how I care for them and their daily routines.


Incubation and Hatching Process

Now here in Arizona it's one of the only places where people have success by letting them hatch out naturally.  The mothers will generally lay their eggs in the early part of the year around January-May. Then, during the summer time the eggs will safely incubate in the ground where the ground is very hard and there's never gophers or any bugs disturbing them. During the monsoon season around July-October, it starts to rain so the ground gets very soft and the baby tortoises will dig out themselves. And from my experience you never want to dig them up once you see the first tortoise. You want to let them do their thing and come up with the soft ground whenever it starts to rain during the monsoon season. When they come out of the ground they seem to be much more bulkier and active than the average incubated tortoise. At the bottom of the page I attached some of my YouTube videos showing them laying eggs as well as baby tortoises hatching out of the ground!

Babies hatching from the ground_edited.jpg
new hatchling_edited.jpg


I do take pre-orders but ONLY through my website. Please watch out for any scammers pretending to be me asking for you money. The way to go about purchasing a baby tortoise will be through my website shop when I have pre-orders available. 

You can sign up as a member on my website toward the top right of the page. I send out emails to all my site members when I have baby tortoises ready to go to new homes.



I ship all my baby tortoises using safe overnight shipping. The shipping materials I use are specifically for reptiles and tortoises from a company called "reptiles2you". The hatchling(s) will be shipped in a small insulated box which has print all over the package saying there is a Live Animal inside of the box as well as making sure it stays standing at all times. FedEx is very familiar with "reptiles2you" and they take good care of all reptile packages when they come in. There are additional shipping materials inside the package to keep them safe and secure during their travel. During the winter they have a warm heat pack inside the box to stay warm.

A few other things to note:

I am UNABLE to ship to PO BOXES.  

I can ship anywhere in the United States EXCEPT for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.

FedEx is not as busy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I like to ship out the baby tortoises on those days to avoid any possible delay.

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